What is the Saudi eVisa?

Saudi Arabia introduced an electronic visa system in September 2019. Since that time, an eVisa to Saudi Arabia has been an online travel document that travelers from eligible countries may apply for using any electronic device with a stable Internet connection. eVisa functions as an online equivalent to a regular embassy or consulate visa but is way more convenient to obtain. The online application saves plenty of time since it requires no visits to any diplomatic posts. Submitting an online form will take only a few minutes. Every applicant needs to fill out a short form and cover the service fee of 169 Euro. The approved electronic visa will be directly sent to the applicant’s email address. Saudi Arabia eVisa is a tourist visa that allows travel to the KSA for leisure purposes, including sightseeing, family and friend reunions, and pilgrimage to Mecca. Nevertheless, the holder of a Saudi eVisa cannot travel to the KSA for business-related purposes.

Who needs an eVisa for Saudi Arabia?

Entering the territory of Saudi Arabia requires all travelers to hold a valid entry permit. Travelers from eligible countries may simply obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia online. Moreover, the requirement to have a visa to enter the KSA also applies to minor travelers. Applications for children should be submitted by their guardians or parents, who must ensure that all the data entered is correct. evisa saudi

Available types of Saudi Arabia eVisa

Saudi eVisa is a one-type tourist visa enabling entering the KSA for tourism-related purposes. Moreover, Saudi Arabia online visa:
  • remains valid for 1 year from the issuance date
  • is issued as a multiple-entry visa
  • can be used for Umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca)
  • does not cover business purposes
  • allows staying in the KSA for 90 days in total (either during one visit or spread through a few shorter visits)

How to apply for an eVisa to Saudi Arabia

Eligible applicants need to grab an Internet-accessed working electronic device and go to the online application form consisting of the following steps:
  1. Fill out the online form: put all the requested information in the visa application form and double-check for correctness.
  2. Cover the service fee: choose one of the online payment methods (credit/debit card/PayPal, etc.) and cover the processing fee of 169 Euro.
  3. Receive the confirmation: go to your email address and make sure that the confirmation number was delivered there; this number is essential to check the progress of your application.
  4. Download your visa: your visa should arrive in your inbox no later than 72 hours after submitting an online application.
Do not forget to save a copy of your visa on your electronic device. There is no need to print it out since an electronic visa is automatically linked with the passport used in the online visa application. saudi e visa

Requirements for an eVisa Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia visa requirements were reduced to the minimum and include the following two documents:
  • a valid passport (not expiring for min. 180 days from the planned arrival date in the KSA)
  • a face photo (webcam or phone photos are acceptable)
  Apart from the documents mentioned above, make sure you meet some basic technical requirements, including:
  • access to an active email address
  • valid means of online payment
  • access to working electronic device (smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC) with stable Internet
e visa saudi arabia

What is the processing time for an eVisa to Saudi Arabia?

The standard processing time may take maximally up to 3 business days. Every applicant should submit then an online eVisa application at least 72 business hours before the planned trip. Submitting an online application earlier will help you receive your approved eVisa on time. Make sure to provide the correct data in the application form. Any single mistake can extend the processing time and delay the final approval of your visa.

More Information on Saudi Arabia eVisa

  • eVisa allows participation in Umrah but only out of the Hajj (for making Umrah during Hajj, you will need to obtain a special embassy visa)
  • Mecca is accessible only to Muslims (you can enter the city of Madinah with your Saudi Arabia eVisa)
  • You may enter the KSA with eVisa via all airports and seaports within the Kingdom
  • eVisa to Saudi Arabia is a tourist visa and does not cover business purposes
  • Persons transiting through Saudi Arabia do not need a visa as long as they remain within the airport transit zone when awaiting the connecting flight